About the Lausanne Global Conversation

The Lausanne Global Conversation was an online platform for connecting participants in the Lausanne Movement's Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa (Cape Town 2010) before, during and after the Congress.

The Global Conversation platform is no longer active, but core Lausanne content has been moved to the main Lausanne website and may be found in the Lausanne content library. Other content contributed by Global Conversation users is archived on this website. Read more »

Bring Out Your Dead

This message focuses on the fact that all of us are suffering from a plague that kills our dreams. The enemy cries out “Bring Out Your Dead” and I’ll carry those dead dreams away. Christ calls out “Bring Out Your Dead” and I’ll bring them baRead more…

Why Africa Is Still Starving

Hunger has swept East Africa this year, spurred by poor rains and rising food prices. The U.N. estimates that 14 million people urgently need food aid…Read more…