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The African Executive is a weekly Opinion and Business magazine published by the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN). IREN is a top go-to think tank that promotes ideas and strategies geared towards causing prosperity in Africa.

Founded in 2005 and registered in Kenya as a newspaper, The African Executive provides a forum for visionary Africans to brainstorm the future of Africa, promote business ideas and trade in Africa.

Our Contributors

The African Executive has active contributors and readers from all over Africa and the rest of the world who comment on development issues such as Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Agriculture, Democracy, Investment Opportunities in Africa, Fashion among others.


The African Executive is an authority in steering the mind towards prosperity. The publication’s content is driven by our philosophy that the African mind is the Ultimate Capital.

The African Executive Products

•The AE pullout on a bi-monthly basis


•Advertisement space

•Partnership on development 

What our products do

•Build an informed business environment

•Surface business minded Africans

•Add value to your advertising through periodical advertorials

•Promote ideas on good governance

Our Value addition

•We provide a transnational marketing platform for your products

•We promote ideas and strategies that steer Africa to prosperity

•We bring new and alternative perspectives on issues behind mainstream news

•We reframe our readers’ mindset towards new opportunities in Africa.

Conditions for Republishing

We welcome republishing of our articles by other media on condition that they credit The African Executive. For regular citations from our publication, you are encouraged to enter into a memorandum of understanding with us.


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