About the Lausanne Global Conversation

The Lausanne Global Conversation was an online platform for connecting participants in the Lausanne Movement’s Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa (Cape Town 2010) before, during and after the Congress.

The Global Conversation platform is no longer active, but core Lausanne content has been moved to the main Lausanne website and may be found in the Lausanne content library. Other content contributed by Global Conversation users is archived on this website.

As part of the Global Conversation, participants read and gave feedback on Advance Papers written by all plenary and multiplex speakers. The feedback was reviewed by speakers and helped shaped the final presentations at the Congress. (View all Cape Town 2010 Advance Papers)

In addition, Christianity Today International and the Lausanne Movement jointly published a special series called ‘The Global Conversation’ in the months leading up to Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization to help prepare the global church for the issues to be addressed at the Congress. Each lead article had several commissioned responses, and was published by dozens of publications around the world. (View all articles and responses)

Editorial Note
The views expressed on the Lausanne Global Conversation website represent the opinion of the individual users who contributed the content and should not be interpreted as being endorsed or approved by the Lausanne Movement. Please report any concerning content by contacting us.