God Gives (Animated)

In October, we released the first of 12 world-class short films about generosity as a part of our #GiveLikeGodGives campaign, an effort dedicated to putting free, professionally-produced videos about generosity into the hands of churches everywhere. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful,Read more…

Generosity stories

Stewardship has excellent short generosity stories in video format. Watch the videos at these webpages: http://www.stewardship.org.uk/blog/blog/post/345-our-latest-generosity-stories/ http://www.stewardship.org.uk/be-inspired/stories

Whose money is it anyway?

Watch this short video in which David Flowers explores the importance of money and giving in the Bible. David has a wealth of experience helping people look after their money and become generous givers. 

Adolescent Inferiority

Teens suffer from dissatisfaction during their growing years.  Learn how to prepare them for this adventure!

ReImagine Generosity

Christians give a smaller amount of their income than what they did during the Great Depression. In the past decades wealth has skyrocketed, debt has expanded but giving has plummeted. This video shows how God gave Christ to us soRead more…

I Like Being 98.

Generosity is not only for young people! Watch the video and get inspired to live generously …

Maple Grove’s Generosity Journey

The video shares the holistic generosity journey of Maple Grove Covenenant Church in the US. Their journey could be an example to other churches across the world.