ebola outbreak

Before I began to write this entry I just happen to notice a breaking news report from CNN indicating, “more than 16,000 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola in current West Africa outbreak.”  The World Health Organization adds nearly 7,000Read more…

Loving Our Community

LovingOurCommunity  is a collaborative 40 day generosity campaign that can be launched in local communities, cities and countries. After a very successful pilot campaign in Guatemala, Loving Barbados will potentially be organised in 2015. For more information contact Brian Kluth at [email protected] 

small church, BIG IMPACT

Your church size has huge implications. Church leaders often define their career worth in terms of people in the pews.  It always seems to surface within the first two or three minutes of conversations among pastors.  How’s attendance been recently? Read more…

Don’t Forget to Throw Parties!

10 BIG Things Jesus Said that We Often Forget by Joe McKeever Email Share On Facebook Twitter   “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not the things I tell you” (Luke 6:46). “If you know these things, blessed areRead more…

SHARE ~ Assess how well your church is doing with evangelism

ASSESSMENT PACKEvangelismAssess how well your church is doing with evangelism.See related Resource Bundle (Discounted Price!) Store Code: AP07Format: Word Document Price: $9.95 ADD TO CART JOIN NOW!   This pack features 8 quality assessment tools from the Reaching People, Missions, Becoming Outward-Focused, Trends &Read more…

Blessing the Nations Among Us

A web tutorial for walking a local church or ministry group through the various elements of how to research, find and minister the life of Christ to a diaspora people group in their community.

Putting Others First

What do you get for the child who has absolutely everything? Well, that’s a question Richard Crane dealt with every year on his son’s birthday. So one year, he just decided to ask him.