ebola outbreak

Before I began to write this entry I just happen to notice a breaking news report from CNN indicating, “more than 16,000 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola in current West Africa outbreak.”  The World Health Organization adds nearly 7,000 individuals have lost their lives based on the outbreak.  In light of this sobering news I wanted to acknowledge the men and women providing care to those encountering adversity.

Over the years I have personally been consumed with my own matters and took for granted the amount of sensitivity towards the greater need of others.

Thankfully, I have matured and continue to grow due to receiving consistent teaching about Christian accountability.  My pastor has been committed to educating our congregation to be actively engaged and supportive of efforts that expand beyond our local community, however, I truly believe the majority of Christians sitting in pews on Sundays in America have a distorted view of missions outside of the borders of the United States.  Perhaps, the lack of appropriate teaching from our leaders has nurtured “the out of sight out of mind” mentality. 

Unfortunately, many members within our congregations join the masses and are leaning on news releases and reports without a fundamental understanding of the stance we should have based on the scriptures.  The media really has the challenge of presenting a fair and balanced perspective in properly educating the masses, but misinformation has the potential of formulating panic.  For several weeks, Ebola propaganda and fear reigned within the borders of the United States when many of our brave volunteers returned from West African countries.   

Although, we should operate with some levels of caution, I think our reactive behavior as the church and nation in acknowledging the seriousness of the ebola outbreak has contributed to the trickle down.