Management Devotional 2015: Biblical insights for daily work life

Published by Christian Institute of Management India (CIM India) ’Management Devotional 2015’ it is a devotional with a Biblical reflection for every day of 2015. 52 Indian professionals contributed 7 reflections each to the publication. They include medical doctors, IT professionals, businessRead more…

The family with 34 children – and counting

  Jeane and Paul Briggs have 34 children – 29 of whom were adopted from other countries including Mexico, Ghana and Ukraine. Now their family is about to get even bigger. In 1985, Jeane Briggs was at church when sheRead more…

Generosity Changes Everything

What is Biblical generosity? Over the years, the Lord has grown our depth of understanding in this powerful area of life. Generosity is about freedom and grace. It is about the freedom that comes from understanding, in the deepest partsRead more…

The Two Seas: Takers and Givers

Are you a Giver or a Taker?  View Dr. James Dobson’s perspective on giving and taking.

Learning to Slow Down

Dr. James Dobson’s offers a simple prescription for a renewed healthier and happier family life.

The Evening Rush Hour

Watch Dr. James Dobson give his view on the rush of parents working through the evening with the family.

Parental Guilt

There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  With that said, parenthood is a very guilt producing endeavor.  See Dr. James Dobson provide his perspective on parenthood.

Children and Finance

View Dr. James Dobson’s perspective on how children need to learn the value of money by applying commitment and hard work.

Parents and Kid’s Support

What do child sports, competition and dealing with parents have in common?  Watch and find out.

Why We Fight

View as Dr. James Dobson gives great insight on how married couples can clash because of differing assumptions.