Management Devotional 2015: Biblical insights for daily work life

Published by Christian Institute of Management India (CIM India) ’Management Devotional 2015’ it is a devotional with a Biblical reflection for every day of 2015. 52 Indian professionals contributed 7 reflections each to the publication. They include medical doctors, IT professionals, business people, journalists, CEOs, senior executives, academics, management consultants and corporate trainers. The aim is to help Christian lay leaders reassess their spiritual calling and live out their faith at work with integrity and sensitivity. The different weeks of the year each has a different focus. Week 4 deals with ownership at work, week 10 is about critical thinking, week 16 is about ambition, week 25 deals with morality and ethics in business, week 35 is about performance management and finally week 52 is about being a good boss. Written by Mr Joseph Mathai who has a background of 20 years in commercial management, week 1 deals with different aspects of stewardship – as a Christian mandate, as a lifestyle, as managing resources (time, talent and treasury), as stewarding behaviour, as managing family, as recognizing authority, and as a process to become Kingdom Stewards. 

The devotional costs Rs200 and can be ordered from the website.