Lausanne Standards

Affirmations and agreements for giving and receiving money in mission.

Unleash generous disciples

A presentation that encourages thinking on moving church members from being attendants to generous disciples.

Corporate Generosity Declaration

A generosity commitment that churches, ministries and Christian networks can sign as commitment to living generously

the Audibible™

The Audibible™ is a solar-rechargeable audio player in a rugged package about the size of a cellphone, capable of holding thousands of hours of high quality audio content. 

Giving the Audio Word of God to Those Who Cannot Read!

4.35 billion people in the world DO NOT READ. HOW WILL THEY ENGAGE WITH GOD’S WORD? The Gutenberg Press enabled a Scripture literacy revolution, making the full Bible available to every person – who could read. But today, 63% ofRead more…

Whatever You Do

Stewardship from a Biblical perspective