Giving the Audio Word of God to Those Who Cannot Read!

4.35 billion people in the world DO NOT READ.


The Gutenberg Press enabled a Scripture literacy revolution, making the full Bible available to every person – who could read. But today, 63% of the world’s population does not read. They are either illiterate, functionally illiterate, visually impaired, or simply part of an oral culture where learning takes place without the written word. 

We stand at a point in history where digital technology makes it possible for every oral learner to engage with God’s Word in audio.

THE GOAL of Davar Partners is to enable every oral learner to have access to audio Scriptures in their own language by the year 2035.


  • catalyze the Body of Christ to bring the spoken Word of God to every oral learner of the world
  • enable a global prayer initiative for audio Scripture engagement among oral learners
  • mobilize the emerging generation to hear it, live it, give it!


“Davar” in Hebrew means “Word.” We believe in the transforming power of the Word of God to change the lives of individuals, communities, and generations. 

Davar Partners International is a not-for-profit ministry that connects oral learners with audio Scripture in their heart language. 


Davar connects and equips partners serving oral learning communities by:

  • building awareness about the audio Scripture revolution and vision
  • supplying audio Scripture engagement programs and tools for Church planters
  • providing training, coaching and educational materials on audio Scripture engagement
  • producing recordings of audio Scripture and biblical teaching not available through other content providers
  • creating prayer profiles of Bible-less oral learning people groups
  • delivering turnkey solutions for outreach teams

Davar has manufactured and produced the Audibible.
The Audibible is a solar-rechargeable audio player in a rugged package about the size of a cellphone, capable of holding thousands of hours of high quality audio content.To find out more about the Audibible, or how to get involved with Davar, visit our website at