Compassion not Condemnation

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on adoption of children. Read some heart breaking news related to unwanted babies in the link below (

This is not an isolated case! This has happened before — read about another recent case (–tries-flush-baby-toilet.html). 

Surely many migrants, especially women are vulnerarable to sexual harrashment, sexual abuse, unfortunate heart-breaking relationships with local people or other migrant workers.

As you read the article below, I covet your prayers for the women in the diaspora. The International Organisation for Migration reports that there are an estimated 214 million migrants in the world today; 49% of migrants worldwide are women. 

Pray that the many victims of abuses would come to know hope and New Life in Jesus Christ; and that the many faithful Kingdom workers among the diaspora women would introduce many, even their local employers, to the Master of All — Jesus Christ.

Diaspora Missions is about the Church on the Move taking the Whole Gospel of Christ to the Whole World, even to those people in diaspora.



*Photo from flickr user: istolethetv