Infographics on Learning Circles, asset giving, agency funding and grassroots women’s movements

GrantCraft designed a few very good infographics that are attached including: 1) Sharing Knowledge & Growing Practice in Learning Circles – 2) Funder Approach: Give a Woman an Asset – 3) Why Fund Agency? - 4) Women’s Grassroots Movements -

Partnership – Men and Women – Plenary 2

Chad and Leslie Segraves of the United States speak to their commitment to interdenominational facilitation of partnerships to least reached peoples and to full partnership of men and women based on gifts. Download Options PC users: Right click a linkRead more…

Stir- Be a Woman of Passion

Gail Dudley intro video from Impact 2010-Stir. You can see the complete webcast at

Stir 2010- The Global Conversation

Join in the conversation. This is the link to view the full webcast. “For in him we live and move and have our being.” Stir features the following speakers: Geneva Vollrath- President of Stonecroft Ministries Trina Pockett- LIVE Lisa Heidrich-Read more…

The Global Conversation

How is God Stirring in your life? What does it mean to Live, Move, and Be in Christ? How does our faith result in action? Let’s keep the conversation going at