“Generosity entails taking a risk.” – Sarah Thebarge

When we are broken or sick or hurting, our first instinct might not be to think of others. Often when we’re down, the temptation is to wallow in self-pity. However, sometimes the quickest way to healing is by stepping outside of our own circumstances and risking our own discomfort to focus on those with an even greater need. Generosity can be healing.

Today, we are releasing the third video of our generosity series, each designed for church leaders (like you!) to show during a service. Each video is available to download for free.

In this video, author and cancer survivor Sarah Thebarge shares her story on finding generosity within her brokenness, after an encounter with a Somali woman and her little girls on a train.

Hear Sarah’s powerful story, download the video, share it with your church, and begin a bigger conversation about learning to #GiveLikeGodGives.