The Generosity Gameplan Step 4: React to the headlines

In the last three steps you’ve explored yourself: your heart and history, your Generosity Gaps, and your strengths. Step 4 is about turning outward and looking at the world. How do you want your generous impulses to manifest? On whatRead more…

Como Levantar Fondos Para un Proyecto Misionero and Tareas Principales en la Movilizaci├│n Misionera

COMIBAM, the Ibero-American mission network has 2 excellent articles dealing with financial resource mobilization for mission on their website: Como Levantar Fondos Para un Proyecto Misionero – Tareas Principales en la Movilización Misionera –

The Where Coalition

Virgil Dugan challenges churches, ministries and generosity ministries to think about the where of giving. Churches that have developed, adopted and committed to a specific Great Commission Vision/Mission/Values have the most compelling incentive to experience a transformation of generous giving. Great CommissionRead more…

A global understanding of the cultural context of stewardship

A presentation on the direction of mission giving in the 21st Century given at the Lausanne Resource Mobilization Working Group consultation in Washington in February 2008.

Christian Finance in 2010

An article from the Atlas of Global Christianity on global Christian income and giving.

The Unfinished Task

A presentation explaining the areas that still need to be reached with the Gospel