Ethnic Embrace USA

The Mission America Coalition (U.S. Lausanne Comittee), in partnership with the Ethnic America Network, is pleased to make this new resoruce available for Diaspora Mission. Ethnic Embrace USA seeks to serve local churches involved in reaching Diasporas in their citiesRead more…

Africa Calls- Kingdom Lfe Universities

God has now raised up 40 KLU’s world wide training and equipping nationals for remote village evangelism and church planting.  All graduates are committed to do remote village work.

The Unfinished Harvest

God gave us a plan to help finish the harvest through remote village evangelism. Using national indigenous MAT (Ministry Action Teams) teams reaching the unreached through multi-media presentations.  

Tracking Diaspora On Unreached Peoples Now Possible

There is now an easy on-line way to document the diasporas of specific people groups.  See the article “Tracking Diaspora On Unreached Peoples Now Possible” at: See a real example utilizing this tracking capability for a people group ofRead more…


A CALL TO ALL CHRISTIAN – PLEASE JOIN HANDS AND LET US FINISH THE WORK It is time to finish the work the Lord commanded us to do. Only if the Gospel is preached to all nations the Lord willRead more…

Priorities – Video ‘Tears of the Saints’

This video by Asia Link graphically makes the case that unengaged and unreached peoples need to become a priority in evangelization. This video is not available for download. Session Summary (PDF)

Você sabia? Povos Não Alcançados. MUP

Vídeo legendado por mim e produzido pelo MUP (Missions to Unreached People) durante o III Congresso Lausanne na Cidade do Cabo Original aqui: