Calling Gargoyles to Life

What would you do if your church mounted a large, ugly face of a horrific animal or human outside of the sanctuary? Run? Hide? That is precisely what people used to do in medieval Europe. These distorted and grotesque statuesRead more…

Fundraising Statistics, Trends & Data

GENERAL FUNDRAISING STATISTICS $335.17 billion donated to US-based charitable causes in 2013 72% of US-based charitable giving that comes from individuals 5% of US-based charitable giving that comes from corporations Source: Giving USA ONLINE DONATION STATISTICS 40.5% of nonprofits surveyed said that lessRead more…

Evangelism Connection: Denominations, Networks, City Teams, Ministries & Marketplace . . .

Subscribe Now! Evangelism ConnectionShareview as web page SEPTEMBER 2012Evangelism news from the Mission America Coalition (U.S. Lausanne Committee)The whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole nation – and to the world.Table of ContentsChairman’s Letter | Collaboration Calendar | Prayer | Care |Share | Commentary Spotlight | News and TrendsTools toRead more…

A global understanding of the cultural context of stewardship

A presentation on the direction of mission giving in the 21st Century given at the Lausanne Resource Mobilization Working Group consultation in Washington in February 2008.

Christian Finance in 2010

An article from the Atlas of Global Christianity on global Christian income and giving.

State of the Gospel 2010

This presentation from Jason Mandryk included in the Operation World DVD shows the growth of Christianity 2010 but also where the main needs are for Christian engagement. This can help focus Christian giving to where it is most needed 

World Giving Index

An index showing the extent of giving in different countries using giving money to charities, giving time to charities (volunteering) and giving money to strangers