11 amazing acts of generosity

11 wonderful true generosity stories from the US. Please send similar stories from your country or ministry to [email protected] This will inspire and encourage generosity and giving.

Simple Kindness

Simple acts of kindness cannot only change someone’s day, it can also change their perspective of life. Jesus taught us that it is a gift to give.

Cleaning the Streets and Inspiring Kindness

If you are like me, it is hard to imagine a group of 150 young adults from numerous nations around the world gathering together in a foreign land and all while maintaining love and unity with each other and theRead more…

Surprised by Kindness

Two months in the land of Jericho and my heart has burst into an avalanche of love for the families here. During these months, having the rewarding responsibility of helping establish the Seeds of Hope Kindergarten and Cultural Center alongsideRead more…

Change the World

I understand that I may not change the world, but changing the life of even one person can have a vast effect.Read more…