We can afford to be generous

  7inShare     Is generosity a risky venture? Can we afford to be generous? Is there enough to go around? Enough for everyone to have their fair share? Enough for all seven billion of us? The human condition is hauntedRead more…

Testimony – My Trials Can Help Others

Trials are a part of life and, often, these difficulties are approached solely from a personal perspective. For a believer in Christ, however, personal trials have the potential to benefit others in very specific ways.

What does a generous life look like at age 90?

My mother, Josie, just reached her 90th birthday. 75 friends joined us for a celebration after Mass and before the Christmas concert at St. Monica Church in Dallas. It made me reflect on how a generous life plays a roleRead more…

Health and Wealth Gospel … Is it Biblical?

When it comes to healing or anything else, “What does God’s Word tell us?” Instead of assuming God wants us healthy or wealthy, we need to realize that He may accomplish higher purposes through our sickness and poverty rather thanRead more…

Faith @ Work – Possible?

WorkLife Founder Doug Spada introduces his new book, Monday Morning Atheist and how most people switch God off at work. Learn how to “Stop the Switch.”

Finding Strength Through Adversity

Someone once said if you remove the rocks from a brook, it would lose its song. Well, that holds true for you and me, as well. Author Scott Walker tells of the time he was asked to help some friendsRead more…

Cities AC Recommended Reading: Coming to America

Another recommended reading for the Cities AG, Stephen Warner’s article Coming To America helps us understand the faith that more recent immigrant communities are bringing to the United States.

GEORGE MULLER – A Man Who Simply Trusted God…reflections by & about an ordinary man who placed implicit trust in an extraordinary God and took His Word at face value – “open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalm 81:10)

I have been following and reading some of the articles on giving, stewardship, fund raising and generosity with much interest. However what I am missing in this conversation is a reference to some of the people from our Christian heritageRead more…

Our God is Godd.

Our God is always Good and helping. Let us be obedient to Him and serve Him faithfully. This is when we shall see his goodness upon us and our families.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Scripture

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a young theologian when Hitler came to power in Germany. He became a leader in the Confessing Church, the church that was formed in opposition to the tyranny of Hitler and his henchmen. His opposition to theRead more…