Every Thought Captive

The Apostle Paul reminded us that believers are in a battle for truth. If we are to win this battle and demolish its strongholds, we must “take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.”

Individual Generosity Declaration

A declaration that individuals can sign as their commitment to a life-style of generosity

Kingdom Stewardship: Occasional Papers presented for Cape Town 2010

These occasional papers were prepared by the ResourceMobilization Working Group (RMWG) of the Lausanne Committeefor World Evangelization to be used at the LausanneCape Town 2010 Conference. The principal writers are Phill Butler, Dr. Sas Conradie, Dr.Terry Douglass, Brett A. Elder,Read more…

Giving for Life Downloads

A webpage to download various resources related to the Church of England Giving for Life initiative. This initiative encourages generosity and giving amongst members of the Church of England but would be useful in other contexts as well.

Giving for Life website

The website for the Giving for Life initiative of the Church of England to encourage generosity and giving amongst members of local churches.

Giving for Life Talk Outline

An outline for a talk/sermon on giving and generosity linked to the Giving for Life initiative of the Church of England. The aim is to help church members understand a wider picture on giving.

Giving for Life Powerpoint Presentation

A presentation on the Giving for Life initiative of the Church of England to encourage generous living and giving in local congregations

Lausanne Standards

Affirmations and agreements for giving and receiving money in mission.

Unleash generous disciples

A presentation that encourages thinking on moving church members from being attendants to generous disciples.

Corporate Generosity Declaration

A generosity commitment that churches, ministries and Christian networks can sign as commitment to living generously