Schwab Report Shows Where Donors Gave $1 Billion in Fiscal 2015

In the first report in its 15-year history of its fund holders’ preferences, Schwab Charitable sheds some light on the $1 billion in grants it made in the fiscal year that ended June 30. During fiscal 2015, the fund made 205,000 grants to more than 42,000 organizations. The fund said that when averaged over five years, a period during which assets surged, Schwab’s account holders gave 20 percent of their assets to charity.

Among other findings:

  • Feeding America received the most grants, followed by Doctors Without Borders, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and Planned Parenthood.
  • Health and human-services organizations received the largest share of donations (28 percent), followed by religious groups (25 percent) educational institutions (16 percent), and social-service groups (10 percent).
  • Ninety-seven percent of gifts made through Schwab included the donor’s name.
  • Donors gave $2 billion to their accounts during the year. More than two-thirds of them contributed to their Schwab accounts using appreciated assets rather than cash.