Generosity Resources Update December 2014


Global Generosity Network

Generosity Resources Update December 2014


Dear Friends


Greetings from the Global Generosity Network (GGN), the initiative that inspires stewardship, generosity and giving among Christians.


Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, the end of a year is a time of reflection and at the beginning of a new year we make decisions to improve our lives. I hope this Christmas 2014 will be a time of giving and sharing not only with our family but also other people who need our time, care, our talents, our friendship and our money. And as we reflect back on 2014, let us make a decision to give and share more in 2015. Yes, as Christians to live generously in 2015.


The past year the Global Generosity Network posted resources that inspire and help Christians to be better stewards of their resources, live more generously and give more to causes that extend the Kingdom of God. Visit the Lausanne Conversation at ( or the Global Generosity Network website ( to browse, download, use and distribute these resources. There are blogs, articles, reports, links to videos, sermons and even electronic books that would be of use to churches, businesses, ministries, organisations, theological institutions and networks. We already had nearly 2 million views of the various pages this year. Leaders indicated the value of these resources to them and how they distribute it further.  


I just want to mention a few specific resources that I posted on the websites the past few months. These will help Christians in their generosity journey:

  1. Look out for ‘Christ-Centered Generosity’ ( that will provide perspectives from 23 countries on the Biblical call to a generous life. David Wills, President of the National Christian Foundation in the USA writes in his introduction to the book ‘The hope of this book is to speak to the extraordinary movement of generosity that God is initiating all around the world.  Never before has there been such a collection of thoughts on a single topic.  You will experience a kaleidoscopic view of the many perspectives of generosity.’ Make a note of ‘Christ-Centered Generosity’ and order it when it is published in April 2015!
  2. Stewardship’s popular ‘40Acts – Do Lent Generously’ ( is back for 2015! Get more information, download resources and sign up to live generously in 2015.
  3. Christmas Spirit … the right way ( is humorous video on how to celebrate Christmas in the right way – by being generous
  4. Stewardship consists of much more than tithing and caring for the environment argues Ann Bradley in an excellent short article on whole-life stewardship ( Stewardship has to do with every choice each person makes. By embracing the true call to whole-life stewardship, individuals can achieve greatness.
  5. Wholly Living: A new perspective on international development ( is a report based on research into what constitutes human flourishing. The report emphasises that generosity is an integrated part of wholly living. For more information on what is mentioned in the report contact Sarah Wiggins at [email protected].
  6. Giving Around the Globe ( presents regional profiles of giving by large companies based in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. It then shows where North American companies are engaging internationally.
  7. Africa’s wealthy give back: A perspective on philanthropic giving by wealthy Africans in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa ( looks at why and how wealthy Africans give to various charitable causes.
  8. How generous is your country in comparison to other countries? Find out in the World Giving Index 2014 ( My country, South Africa, is ranked 34th together with Slovenia, Uganda, Tajikistan and Costa Rica. We score specifically badly in giving to charities.
  9. One of the highlights of the year for me was the Missions Africa Trust Fund Ghana Consultation ( The chairperson of the Lausanne Movement board Mr Ram Gidoomal mentioned that ‘this is an unprecedented development in the developing world, to see indigenous leaders committing to reverse the mind-set of entitlement to foreign based funding and drive the new agenda for indigenous funding”. Read the consultations press release and presentations to decide whether you agree with Ram.
  10. God’s Generosity through the Bible and Recognizing God’s generosity ( show God’s generosity from Genesis to Revelation and challenge Christians to imitate that generosity. Download the blog and article, distribute them and live them out!
  11. The Top 21 Proverbs on Giving ( is an excellent reflection on the most important Proverbs on giving and how Christians should respond to them.
  12. Perhaps the most inspiring generosity story I heard and read about this year was unfortunately not from a Christian but from a German football player who is also a Muslim ( I am looking for similar stories from especially Christian athletes. Please send me any that you know about. 


These are just some of the resources and information that are available from the mentioned websites. Visit the Global Generosity Network website ( for blogs, articles, news, book reviews and much more. Since the Global Generosity Network depends on financial support to continue with its service and activities, please consider making a donation to the GGN at Just follow the instructions.


I trust that at least some of the resources will be useful to you personally and also in your service in God’s Kingdom. Please distribute this Update and send me more resources, articles and stories that can create awareness, commitment and engagement in Biblical stewardship, generous living and Kingdom-focused giving. And may you have a very generous Christmas and 2015.


Have a blessed and generous Christmas and 2015.




Dr. Sas Conradie

Coordinator Global Generosity Network

[email protected]