Challenge your church to be generous in 2015!

40acts is back for 2015.  And in preparation we’ve put together some church resources available now in time to plan for the next term. 


If you’re a church leader and organising your sermon plan for next year, why not consider encouraging your congregation to participate in 40acts 2015, inspiring your church in generosity supplemented by our sermon notes and small group materials.


Alternatively, if you’re not in leadership, but enjoyed 40acts last year, you could suggest the idea to your church leader and point them towards the 40acts website where they can download a seven week series of sermon notes and complementary small group resources to use as little or as much of as preferred.


Whether or not your church usually observes Lent, 40acts Together provides an opportunity for your congregation to get to grips with generosity and reach out to their community. Lent has come to be associated with giving something up, but for the past four years 40acts has done Lent differently, challenging people to do a generous act every day and creating a daily habit of generosity.


Download these resources for free at by signing up as a church and/or small group.


Further materials for joining 40acts Together with your family or school will be available to download in January. Don’t forget to also sign up as an individual to receive your daily generosity challenge and a reflection from 40 different Christian writers during the Lent period.

Attached are a poster, a flyer and wallchart for kids. Sign up for 40Acts 2015 at