Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of several things that transcends beyond the boundaries of race, culture, and economics.   Today, it has become a major topic in the United States media, especially in light of the football player Ray Rice’s situation being captured on video.  In fact, the Ray Rice video has apprehended the sobering but brutal reality of abuse.  Certain behaviors behind closed doors have been passed down from one generation to the next.  Usually the majority of these actions are linked to male perpetrators because of their lack of respect for women, however, females are increasing becoming the assailants.  The “reality television” age has overtly nurtured a generation of aggressive young men and women that lack the respect for the opposite sex as a whole.   

I’m convinced Yahweh is allowing this message of domestic violence to be magnified because of the multitudes of unheard voices of both men and women victims throughout the world.  Perhaps, we as the covenant community have ignored the voices of domestic victims.  We can no longer remain insensitive because many in our communities are encountering situations that have paralyzed them with fear and low self-esteem.   We should proactively engage in meaningful dialogue and solutions regarding domestic violence.  

It is a travesty because we have born again believers who will not share their experiences and testimonies, which potentially can impact the lives of others within our communities.  I pray for us to develop innovative idea’s and concepts to promote safe environments for people to heal.