Missions Africa Trust Fund Ghana Consultation Press Release and Presentations

15 African Christian leaders met on 29 and 30 October 2014 at the Hephzibah Christian Centre near Accra, Ghana to discuss mission giving in Africa and develop a strategy to launch the Missions Africa Trust Fund (MATF) in 2015. 10 participants came from Ghanaians and the other 5 were African leaders from Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Due to the Ebola outbreak, an intended African MATF consultation had to be cancelled, but MATF leaders decided to continue with a Ghanaian focused event. The participants involved a rich mix of significant mission practitioners including an African denominational leader, business leaders, pastors of churches, leaders of African youth and student ministries, and international Christian network leaders. The consultation ended with a clear strategic plan as participants gave personal donations as symbolic gifts towards the agreed MATF seed capital to be raised across the continent in 2015. 

Attached is a press release on the consultation together with 4 of the presentations. One of the presentations is a report on the African Mission Giving Survey.