Two Famous Men With A Dead Body

                               Two Famous men with a Dead-body

These two persons we find in the concluding chapters of 4 gospels-(Mt: 27:57-60, Mk.15:45-47, Luke.23:50-53, Jn.19:38-42), were no, ordinary persons. The above scriptures tells us that Mr. Joseph from the town of “Arimathea “was a rich man, a member of “Sanhedrin”- a 70 member counsel, to which the High Priest was the president. —–These are the people who crucified and killed Jesus. He was a secret disciple of Jesus and the one waited for the kingdom of God. And the 2nd gentle man was, “Rev. Nicodemus”, the old aged Jewish Rabbi, who came to Jesus in the night asking for the “Eternal Life”. He too was a member of “Sanhedrin”, and a secret disciple of Jesus Christ.

Unique Representatives:

It was a time that Jesus was left alone as a dead body. Apostle, Peter, the Chief of staff, -who assured Jesus that he would die with Jesus, if takes to, -denied, cursed and fled the scene. Another left his cloth and ran away naked. THE BODY OF JESUS WAS STILL HANGING ON THE CROSS. The Roman Governor still held the authority over the dead body. You can re call how satan had disputed with the “Arc angel Michael” with the body of Moses? “Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.”(Jude.Vs6)  Jesus and the other 2 thieves were capital criminals. Now they were hanged on Golgotha hill top. Their bodies will be left there and the vultures and other flesh eating birds will eat their flesh and the decayed bodies will fall off one by one and finally the bones and then the tree itself. Joseph of Arimathea went to Governor Pilot and asked for the body of Jesus to be given unto him? Is this what a “Rich” Jewish” a member of Sanhedrin would wish to possess A dead body of a “cursed sinner on the Cross”? MR. JOSEPH knew what the entire world did not know! He knew that Jesus was the “Son of the most high God” and the “King of Kings and the

Lord of Lords. This was the appointed time for these two men to publically let the world know that they were one of His. In the time of crises, they came out boldly and served Jesus!  The body of Christ—the church-is in hospital, in prison, naked, hunger and thirsty. TRUE DISCIPLESHIP IS SERVING IN CRISES.

Your Cause will be represented too:

Are you aware that “The body of Christ” is still on Earth? Yes! Everyone who have put their trust in Jesus, as their Lord and Saviour, from every kindred, and nations of this world is the “Body of Christ”. And we are “minorities” under the rule of the prince of this world. Every one of us has issues and battles. Some have unemployment issues, some need financial break through, Some need jobs and others promotions. Some are praying for their own houses. Some are fighting court cases. When you are in trouble and in desperate need, all your friends—even the most trusted very close friends- will runaway and flee from you alone. Do not worry! unless they are removed  from the scene and from your life, you cannot come in contact with persons, God had ordained, for this hour of your need!

God the father our Almighty God had prepared these two individuals, just for this UNIQUE mission AND MINISTRY. The entire apostle and the sympathizers dared not to go to “Pilot” and they had status problem. Since these 2 come from “Sanhedrin”, they had free access to the throne of an earthly king. This was their destiny. The almighty God who placed Joseph the young slave and promoted him as the “Prime minister of Egypt, to save His People from famine and Perishing is the same God whom we serve. In our hopeless situation and in our need to represent our causes, the Lord Our God has “Top level” personalities to plead your cause! Satan will be put to shame. He will be defeated.

Unique Mission:

These 2 climbed the mountains and reached Golgotha.  They carefully  brought down the body of Jesus from the cross…..Remember, the bodies of 2 thieves were left for the vultures of the air—Rev.  Nicodemus purchased 100 pounds( 45 kilos of spices) and Mr. Joseph provided the fine linen. Cloth. And they wrapped the body of Jesus and laid the body in the tomb, which Mr. Joseph of Arimathea  had prepared for himself. Here again, we see the “mode and the conduct of Christian Burial”. They did not simply throw it in a cave or pit. They used various kinds of Spices and clean linen cloth.

This is true discipleship and these are kingdom people.“O my soul, thou hast said unto the Lord, Thou art my Lord: my goodness extendeth not to thee; 3But to the saints that are in the earth, and to the excellent, in whom is all my delight.(Psalm.16:2-3)

These two were willing to “Spend” funds towards His burial. DISCIPLESHIP COSTS. And this is bitter to many so called disciples. I know many pastors and evangelists who will never give a penny as tithe. Giving alms to poor never happens in their lives. They always want to receive, receive and receive. I AM A GIVER AND GIVE TILL I DO NOT HAVE. And it is a joy. I am giving to the Living God. These two were not giving to a dead body they were giving it to Jesus. Mother Mary Gave birth to Jesus, and these two gave the burial to Jesus. Heaven will acknowledge these two missions equally. Burial has so many future issues.

The “Church” –es in rural India is a part and member of the “ONE BODY”. Pray for the work of God and extend your support.

Why Christian Burial is a Must and Important?

Satan’s clever plan was that the body of Jesus should not be buried. If he would stop the burial of the body of Jesus;, then the “THE RESURRECTION WILL NEVER TAKE PLACE”. Just imagine that we are born, live as we like, –since there is no salvation- and die. Imagine there is no resurrection and we will be eternally in Satan’s kingdom! Yes! every single one of us.

The burial of the body of Jesus is, burying eternally, the satanic power, rule, dominion and all evil. In Romans Chapter 6 Apostle Paul teaches us of the Spiritual issues of Jesus death burial and resurrection. In, 1.Cor.chapter15 Paul once again teaches the issues of Jesus’ death, and resurrection and it’s implication to our life now and eternally.

For these Two, it was a small act of burying the Body of Christ and they had no knowledge of it’s eternal Implications that would bring eternally, after Jesus had risen again. It may be one glass of water but it’s eternal Implication will be manifold. Our discipleship will stand out and will be recorded in His Holy Scrolls. Generations will be blessed by your small “Seed Act of Service”.!