Women & Evangelism

Women are asking questions ….seeking answers…  Who am I?     What am I worth? Do I have any significance?’ Arpana’ [of OM] reaches out to Christian women  to understand  their identity in Christ, grow to their full potential and become dedicated women of God.

  • · 43% of India’s population is women. 13% of India’s population is under the age of twelve and therefore under the influence of women.

In a culture where only women can effectively reach women,the Christian Woman need is  to rise to the occasion  and be an effective tool in the Lord’s hand. And how can the Christian woman share Jesus’ love unless taught and trained?’Arpana’ seeks to build Women through Bible-based training, holistic mission and multi-media communication of the Word so that they are transformed and become agents of transformation in the family, Church and society.

Encouraging them to become “Women of prayer and the Word” & be part of prayer triplets, telephone Prayer chains, small Bible-study groups & out reach ,  has been the endeavor of Arpana.

   Women have been  sensitive to the Lord’s Voice and have made inroads in Neighborhood evangelism resulting in many from a prosperous, business oriented Hindu community of ‘Sindhi’s’ in the city of Jaipur ,in the state of Rajasthan in India  to embrace Christ and the Sindhi church in Jaipur having grown to  more than  150 families  and the number is still growing.

   The Arpana Nationwide prayer network was alerted for prayer whether it was the Carnage of Godhra in Gujarat in 2002 or the Kandhamal riots in Orissa in 2008 ,women joined hands and hearts in prayer ,praying with one accord .

   My journey with Christ began ,when in a small home Bible study group I was led to making a commitment to  the Lord and heard His voice to be the clay in my Potters Hand to be used of Him among women, Discipling and mentoring women to Imact India for Christ through this organisation.