Hitchens and The Rage Against God


In the ongoing discussions of secularization and its merits, value, threats, or significance, a recent book is contributing to the discussion, in particular, the aggressive vision of the New Atheists and some of their strident claims.


The author Peter Hitchens is the brother of Christopher, whose writings and speaking is contributing a lot of polemic and perspective on “religion” as (he might claim) at best ignored and hopefully, rejected. Peter’s book (The Rage Against God) provides an informative contrast, and as an ex Trotskyist with much experience of left leaning politics as well as first hand encounters of the Soviet era, he offers some insightful pushback.


Will the world be better without religion? Should we prevent children from being influenced by religious parents? Is a secular utopia possible and have we learned anything from the failed experiments of such in the 20th century? These and other similar questions are tackled with vigour in Peter Hitchens new book, and they may stimulate us to take a more serious look at these questions.