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Who’s In Charge Here? Beginning Your Life Stewardship Journey

Author: E.G. ’Jay’ Link
Date: 26.02.2013
Category: Resource Mobilization

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Originally Posted in English

E.G. “Jay” Link’s latest book ‘Who’s In Charge Here? Beginning Your Life Stewardship Journey’ is now available. The pdf and Kindle versions of the book are posted on the Stewardship Ministries website The pdf and Kindle versions are free - just download the books from the site. Hard copies of the book are available from at $1.95 each or $1.75 each if ordered in case quantities of 66 ($115.50) plus shipping. The hard copy purchase option will be available from in the near future.

Churches can buy the book in large quantities and distribute them to every member of the congregation while ministries can purchase it for their supporters of a ministry to start thinking about and living a life of stewardship. I read the pre-published version of the book over Christmas 2012. It was like a Christmas gift – I could not put it down. A must read for every Christian, I hope the book will be downloaded and purchased by people across the world and translated into many languages.

‘Who’s In Charge Here?’ is a tremendous generosity resource that should be an essential part of any generosity resource pack.

Dr Sas Conradie

Coordinator Global Generosity Network

Website Link:

Keywords: generosity, Bible, giving, money, stewardship, local church, discipleship, Bible Study, wealth, materialism, life-style, resource mobilization

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