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The Money Revolution

Author: Dr John Preston
Date: 26.02.2013
Category: Resource Mobilization

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Originally Posted in English

The Money Revolution helps Christians apply Christian principles to handling their money. Whether we are comfortable, broke, or somewhere in between, we all have questions about money.  The Money Revolution offers a distinctively Christian slant on issues such as:   Ethical spending    Credit and Debt    Savings    Generosity    Insurance

The website explains why we need a money revolution, offers a range of resources to encourage and equip Christians in thinking about their money from a faith viewpoint and challenges Christians to ’be active in their stewardship’. An outline of the site and presentation on the book are included as attachments.

Website Link:

Downloadable Attachments

Keywords: generosity, Bible, giving, money, stewardship, local church, discipleship, Bible Study, wealth, materialism, life-style, debt, poverty, finances, spending, resource mobilization

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