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Our God of prosperity NOW and NOT YET... Just a matter of time!

Author: David Hausmann
Date: 08.10.2010
Category: Poverty and Wealth

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Originally Posted in English

In my part of the world, it seems sometimes that we have lost faith in God. Our religion is a nice story but we have forgotten to take the WHOLE Gospel. A woman in my church could not eat vegetables and fruits for ten years. She did not believe that God could heal that fact. She agreed that we prayed for her and she is COMPLETLY WELL now!!!

Yes God has a holistic view on mankind. His Good News is good news for our spirit, soul and body! Why not? If the whole of His blessings is not seen now on earth, it is at least our final destination in eternity: By His stripes we are healed!

Do our present sufferings should prevent us from acknowledging His perfect work on the Cross? On His Cross everything has been accomplished: Salvation, healing and restauration! The day is coming where povrety will be no more, sickness neither... The whole Gospel makes us really WHOLE... Often it is just a matter of time!

God is the God of prosperity! Sickness and povrety will pass away, but His everlasting goodness and glory will be fully revealed! We have then a special mission for compassion now, caring for the poor, being a people of HOPE with an amazing GOOD NEWS to share!

Keywords: wealth, prospertiy, healing, salvation, restauration

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Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down friar58 (1)
United States

I agree, in my part of the world, we don’t have the view of God as healer, partly because the ones who promote that the loudest are generally cracked pots looking for more wealth, so people shy away from it.  As a result our gospel is weaker.  I’m not imply God does not offer the same salvation, but with that, he also healed and provided for many people.  We have the salvation part down, but the other things we shy away.  It’s no mystery to me that we see God work in that way more in areas of the world that believe in "folk religions".  

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down alearner (0)
United States

Jesus did say, however, that "in this world you will have trouble.  But take heart, "I have overcome the world."  We need to make sure that we don’t preach prosperity to the point that people who do suffer illness think that God does not love them or is punishing them.  The good news we have to share is that God can help us now through difficulties that we face, but He also promises a life in the future without difficulties. 

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Mariusbrand (0)
South Africa

Community farms:

 4 land & wealth redistribution, to evangelise the community: To train, educate, work,  live and have a base from where to launch missionaries into the community. A community farm is where the Christians in the community corporately owns the property. Our corporately finances provide cost of the farm, infrastructure & accommodation for those working on farms.  Investors, invest directly in the crops to secure food for the people. Thousands of jobs will be created where people could be evangelise, reconciled, unity restored and worldviews changed to Biblical. Farms will act as a place of employment, a basic income, a missionary training School, an orphanage and launching pad to send trained missionaries.

Three legs:

 1.   Accommodation and employers Lodges/Hostels on farms with infrastructure:

2.   Education, “Skills” development, Discipleship training & orphanages.

3.   Agricultural projects – investment arm. (Project financing). Outside investors.

 Shammah Foundation: Marius Brand: Cell 082 9210 275, e-mail -


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