Every Thought Captive

The Apostle Paul reminded us that believers are in a battle for truth. If we are to win this battle and demolish its strongholds, we must “take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.”

Pornography Destroys the Ability to Love

Perhaps the people most unaware of pornography’s “relational deception” areprofessing believers in Christ who erroneously think they are growing in their lovefor God and others while being involved with pornography. The absurdity of this illusion is revealed since “loving God”Read more…

Illuminating the Gray Areas of Life

Gray areas of life and ministry can move to crystal clear clarity when three questions are answered.

Bridging The Gap

There has been a big Gap between the wealthy and the poor and this Gap will remain forever unless, the man realize his role on the earth as nothing but a passing cloud! The past is gone! The future isRead more…