Personal Communication that Requires Wisdom and Prayer

You could be growing in Christ yet not be able to immediately recognize how orwhen to communicate in certain situations. To honor God in your communication, be devoted to prayer and acquiring wisdom as a way of life.

Wisdom – A Prerequisite to Determine God’s Will

Can you remember when you wanted to know God’s will in a particular situation of life? What you wanted was a specific answer but had you prepared yourself to receive direction from the Lord? The goal of this study isRead more…

Illuminating the Gray Areas of Life

Gray areas of life and ministry can move to crystal clear clarity when three questions are answered.

God Always Answers Prayers but Not As We Think

Believers have at least 8 biblical responses when prayer answers are not readily observable. This article lists these responses (with verse references). God’s three answers to prayer are “yes, no, or not now.” His answers to prayer are given to bring HimRead more…