Daily Common Prayer

The co-founders of Sanctuary Collective crafted this prayer together. We say it every week at the New York City community night and members of the prayer team around the country say it daily to hold us–and the young adults we work with–in constant prayer.


God of grandest creation and most intimate moments,
we pray to you today.

We thank you for the joys of our lives; 
the gifts we have received; 
the relationships which enrich our lives; 
the endless possibilities of a new day; 
the Joy of the Lord.

We rejoice in the comfort of a Creator who knit us together; 
knows us deeply.

We acknowledge our journey of acceptance and affirmation, 
a journey which is never complete.

We pray for the grace to approach each conversation with love; 
the strength to persevere in difficult situations and with uncertain futures.

Christ as a light, illumine and guide us.
Christ as a shield, overshadow us. 
Christ under us; 
Christ over us; 
Christ beside us, on our left and our right.

This day be within and without us, 
lowly and meek, yet all-powerful.

Be in the heart of each to whom we speak; 
in the mouth of each who speaks unto us.

Lord come, Amen.