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Recent interviews:


Inner~View #74     Reaching Your City, Part Two  

                                   Phil Miglioratti of the National Pastors’ Prayer Network interviewed Francis Frangipane, a pioneering pastor in citywide unity.

Inner~View #73     Pastors Reaching Their City   Francis Frangipane interviewed Phil Miglioratti   (En Español)

Inner~View #72     Phil Interviews Warren Duffy: Rock & Roll Radio Pioneer, Beach Boys PR Director, Christian Talk Show Host

Inner~View #71     Practical Insights on Changing Corporate Prayer (for the better!)

                                 Phil Miglioratti interviewed Andrew Wheeler Co-Director of the prayer ministry at Willow Creek’s  regional campus in McHenry County, Illinois 

Inner~View #70       National Prayer Leader Discusses the Sad State of Prayer in the Church (Phone Inner~View  WAV File)


Inner~View #69      Mittelberg on the Prayer-Care-Share Adventure

                                    Phil Miglioratti interviewed Mark Mittelberg, co-author (with Lee Strobel) of The Unexpected Adventure


Inner~View #68      Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor

                                    Phil Miglioratti of Praying Pastor interviewed Mark Elliott, author of Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor: What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You.” 


Inner~View #67      Connecting People & Community

                                    Phil Miglioratti interviewed Stan Dobbs of Apartment Life 

Inner~View #66      Transforming Power of a Personal Prayer Retreat

                                    Come Away with Me.   Pray! Magazine’s Guide to Prayer Retreats by Cynthia Hyle Bezek

                                    Phil Miglioratti interviewed Cynthia Hyle Bezek editor of Pray! Online …