Operation Inasmuch-Mobilizing Believers Beyond…

Operation Inasmuch:  Mobilizing Believers Beyond the Walls of The Church has been released as a book by Lake Hickory Resources.  It tells the story of how this amazing model of ministry came to be.  It shows its value in transforming individual believers and congregations from the experiences of churches who have conducted an Operation Inasmuch.  It demonstrates the appeal of this model of mission work to Baby Busters and Gen Xers, and the theological arguments for a congregation’s undertaking an Operation Inasmuch.  One chapter offers practical tips in mobilizing volunteers.  Finally, the book takes the reader step-by-step through the entire process of planning and conducting an Operation Inasmuch based on one church’s actual experience. 

To read an excerpt click here.

Operation Inasmuch: Mobilizing Believers Beyond the Walls of the Church was upgraded in 2005 to include a new chapter – “The Multi-Church Experience” – and a Resource DVD which includes the following:

  • Professional video showing what Operation Inasmuch is
  • PowerPoint presentation that corresponds with manual content
  • Operation Inasmuch logo
  • 2 songs written for Operation Inasmuch
  • Downloadable forms included spreadsheet for Master Project List
  • And more

Operation Inasmuch is available now!

Cost is $24.99 plus shipping and tax (if applicable).  Purchases from outside Tennessee or by tax-exempt organizations such as churches do not include tax.

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