Jesus On Prayer

Jesus’ disciples were with him at one point when he was praying. Politely, they waited until he finished, then some of them asked him, “Lord, John taught his disciples what to say when they prayed. Please do the same for us.”
Jesus replied, “Say this when you pray, along with your other prayers:
‘Our Provider and Protector—
Cleanse your soiled reputation.
Rule over the whole earth.
Meet today’s needs, even as you do every day.
Wipe away our sins before You,
Inasmuch as we forget the debts we have against others.
And since we are so weak, please don’t test us more than we are able to bear.’

Additionally, Jesus said, “Suppose you were in your bedroom at midnight having sex with your wife. A good friend of yours comes over, walks in and begins knocking at your bedroom door. After you don’t answer he says, ‘I know you’re in there. Look, one of my kids is sick and I need you to drive me to the 24 hour Walgren’s to get some medicine.’ You reply, ‘Look, I’m in bed and I’m… well, I’m in bed! I can’t get up now. Take a bus or something.’ You may not help him because he’s a good friend of yours, but because he doggedly continues to knock at your door, you WILL get up and help him with whatever he wants.

“Even so, the one who asks of God will receive. The one who seeks God will find. The one who knocks (and knocks and knocks) at God’s door will have it opened. If you fail in asking, you get nothing.

“Suppose your kid wants a hamburger—would you give him a urinal cake? Suppose your kid is bugging you for some juice—would you give him bleach? Look, no matter how bad of a father you are, you know how to give something good to your kids. So why do you think God will give you something bad? If you ask, God will gladly grant you the Holy Spirit for healing and wisdom and strength.”

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