The Lucky Dogs

Ah, the poor—you lucky dogs! Because you are the owners of God’s kingdom.

How lucky are those who are presently hungry—because God will make you completely content.

How lucky are those who weep in this life—because God will make you laugh.

How lucky are you, my disciples, when people hate you. You are fortunate when they won’t have anything to do with you, when they call you names and tear down your reputation. When that happens—have a party! Jump for joy! Because you are lined up with great things from God. Because, you see, this is the way their type have always treated God’s prophets.

But you well off—I’m so sorry. You are getting all the good life you will ever get.

It’s so sad about you who eat well now, because God will make sure you will be hungry.

It’s so sad about you who are well entertained now, because God will make sure that you weep and grieve.

And you who have excellent reputations with everyone? Grieve, for that is how their type treated the false prophets.

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