Haiti Needs Help!

Haiti is in a dire situation after getting hit with four successive storms: Tropical Storm Fay, Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna, and Hurricane Ike.

The port city of Gonaives, in the Arbonite region, has suffered the most, with flood levels up to 9 feet high in some areas.

Officials in Haiti are working with U.N. task forces to rescue stranded residents by helicopter as access by road is impossible. The country’s communication and travel infrastructure has been effectively destroyed.

Government officials in Haiti have declared a state of emergency and appealed to the international community for help.

Haiti is also bracing for two new storms, Ike and Josephine, which are predicted to hit the country during the week of Sept. 8.

  • 45 child development centers have been affected by the storms’ cumulative effect.
  • Many homes of Compassion-assisted children have been damaged or destroyed, along with animals and gardens.
  • Many children and their families have also lost belongings.
  • Compassion staff are distributing food and water to the children and families in Gonaives and the surrounding regions.
  • All affected child development centers are addressing the immediate needs of their registered children and their families.

For more information on how you can help: