Good Sense Freed-Up Resources for 2015

The Christian financial management ministry Good $ense ( has put together an information and planning tool to assist Christian leaders with scheduling financial stewardship teaching and training events through the coming year. The Freed-Up Resource Calendar briefly describes four different workshops and classes that are designed to meet the financial stewardship needs of your congregation, and the optimal times to offer them during the year. 

Freed-Up Resources are DVD driven, biblically based, practical and easy to use with flexible presentation formats and are very affordable. Participants leave Freed-Up Resource offerings with a plan and action steps in their hands. Like all Good $ense developed resources, Freed-Up Resources emphasize that our attitude and relationship to money and possessions is a spiritual issue and integrate biblical truth into all teaching and training. 

Each Freed-Up Resource has a free downloadable Facilitator’s Guide to help those leading the workshops and classes. Plus, Good $ense has experienced teachers and trainers available to answer your questions about the Freed-Up family of resources. Just click here to access the Freed-Up Resource Calendar. 

Also, we are excited to announce to you that Good $ense is preparing to release an updated resource - The Freed-Up Coaches Training Workshop – a six and one-half hour workshop to train volunteers to provide free, confidential one-on-one grace filled Biblical budget coaching. 

The Freed-Up Coaches Training Workshop has everything you need to teach and train qualified volunteers to help many in your church achieve financial freedom! This new resource is packed with proven methodologies, scripted content for the workshop Leader, drama videos, PowerPoint teaching points and much more! Stay tuned for more information. 

Attached is the Freed-Up Financial Living Facilitator’s Guide as example of what is available