The Gift of Pardon (Forgiveness)


Imagine entering the front door of your home after a long day at work and your answering machine light is blinking.  You begin to scan the message until you arrive at the one.  The one sobering message that immediately garners your attention.  If you or someone you know has ever experienced the horrendous act of homicide impacting your family, you know exactly what I’m describing.  The Department of Correctional in some states use an automated voice system that informs you when an individual who has been convicted of a violent crime may potentially qualify for parole.  Immediately you revisit the emotional crossroad of forgiveness and resentfulness.  Although I actively embraced forgiving the four perpetrators involved in my uncles murder, I would suggest the experience of homicide is possibly on of the greatest test of faith humankind will encounter. 

Recently, we had a discussion about forgiveness being a gift from Yahweh and he expects us to disperse it to others.  I had never pondered the idea that forgiveness is a gift from God and it does not belong to us.  I truly believe there is great revelation in the statement and freedom from bondage for those willing to exercise it.  I considered our world-wide diaspora family and the gravity of the persecution they are experiencing, and the challenge they face in displaying forgiveness toward your oppressor.  What about those who do not have access to the liberities we experience with a criminal justice system?