Creation Story is the key to know our who and why?

Creation Story is the key to know our who and why?

One Sunday I was attending a church where speaker was talking about the jealousy of God. In Urdu we have two different words to describe jealousy one is Hasad means having jealousy with others because they are better than you in some way and the other is Ghairat which is honor related to love relation.

The speaker elaborated how God’s jealousy is different than human jealousy by elaborating on Deuteronomy   . He said all correct things that the anger of God on our wrong doings is His jealous, He wants a unique relationship with us, when we go to others Gods he is jealous, etc. I was waiting for the missing link to come and join this and that was the true meaning of ghairat. One lover cannot share his love with another person. This is ghairat, jealousy, honor.  And God’s jealous is this jealous.

Same way I was looking for the missing link of mankind’s relation with triune God and spiritual world. All what Jesus did and intends to d through us as he said that we will do the same and greater works.

The breakthrough came while reading John’s gospel where Jesus is talking to Nicodemus and says “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” and “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”.  (John 3). He did not say he is spiritual but SPIRIT.

Whenever asked how man was created we all say from the dust of the ground. But when we read Genesis Chapter 1:26 there is no mention of that. Instead man (Adam but root is for mankind not the person Adam) was created on the image of God and was given authority over all earth and its flora and fauna.

In chapter 2 its written that there was no man to plough the ground so there was no vegetation on it so God formed man (Adam the person; one of his kind) from the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life (Spirit & Soul).

Now it’s a common sense now that man is made up of three parts Spirit, soul and body. Spirit is created on the image of the Father, soul is made up of our minds, emotions and will power and these live in the body.

Now Adam was fully aware of his status and position that he is a spirit living in a body and operating through soul. As Pastor Benny says Spirit is the seat of God consciousness, soul is man’s self consciousness and body is the world consciousness.

Now God gave this spirit man authority over all the earth and its flora and fauna and told him (and He never lies) the day you eat the fruit of that tree (the day you disobey) you will die. So this spirit man was fully connected with God the father (their source of life) and was implementing God’s will on this earth (establishing His Kingdom).

The spirit man created in God’s image was free willed and free in making decision. It is written that they were naked and were not ashamed (because they were spirits and body was their covering).

Satan was fallen to the temptation to become like God so he came to man and tempted him by the same temptation, although man was already in the image of God. Satan invokes their mind/soul (memory) and then ultimately invokes their body to take over their spirits.  When she “looked” at the fruit she “thinks” its good for “eyes”, good to “eat” and good to give “wisdom” (all are body and soul) then she uses her will (soul) to decide to take it. The moment she used her will and decides to eat she allowed her soul and body to override her spirit.  Body and soul were supposed to be under control of their spirits. .

Then she gives this to her other half Adam and the moment THEY ate their eyes (flesh) were opened. Now the spirit (that connects with father by obedience) was imprisoned in the body and was ruled by soul and body which is spiritual death as spirit cannot die.  So the spirit died just as God said as he was speaking to the spirit when He gave this command. Now the flesh became ruler and Satan by the rule of obedience became their master and the master of planet earth.

Now the human kind came to knew that they are naked, because they were aware by default that they need a covering to work on this planet.

There are few very important things to be noted till the point of Adam and Eve getting knowledge of being naked. God gave authority to mankind, spirits with bodies, over all the earth and its fauna and flora.  This kept all the spirits without bodies out of earth as far as authority is concerned. That is the reason Satan had to borrow the body of an animal, serpent, to enter the Garden. God also kept Himself out He only could enter by the permission of human beings (prayer and spirit beings’ will). That is the reason why God, who is fair and cannot move against the rules He has placed be4cause He is just and true. He did not override the will of the beings He created as free willed, humankind and angels (that is why Satan was not only able to revolt against God but also to tried to destroy Mankind’s connection with God).

Another point is that God created Eve out of Adam’s side. As when Spirit Adam was created he was created Man and Maid. The God took out of his side a woman. The word for rib is actually side just as the side of table etc and as before the fall man is a spirit with body so the woman was taken from the side of spirit man. In Malachi2:15God is saying that He created one for Adam although He had other Spirits as well but He created only one. So they are one spirit complementing each other, together they are one person in God’s eyes.

 To be continued……