Media Engagement

Why does it media engagement matter?

Taking the time to map engagement level to volume, share of voice and share of conversation is an excellent way to make a case for your engagement effort. Is your content receiving more shares and more conversions when your engagement level is higher or low. This is an important question to answer. Higher engagement can also often mean building stronger relationships within your community. Building these relationships through a clear and proactive engagement strategy can help your team see results in other business areas. Low media engagement means you need to network more and improve your conversations style. This can be done through blogs, facebook, tweeter,, commercials.etc.

How can you improve your media engagement?

Your engagement level can tell you how you are doing when it comes to building your community. Are you creating opportunities for conversation and then taking advantage of them? How far are you from your goal engagement and how can you get there and stay there. Think about ways to share your content that invites conversation. Also what you need to keep the conversation going. The effectiveness of your techniques will depend on the success of your media engagement