QUINTIDIMENSYSTEMICS: The Quintidimensystem of SpiriTempuSpace of N’Goran & the Quadridimensystem of Space-Time of Einstein.

The Classical Newton (XVIIth century):

The results of Newtonian Mechanics are very satisfactory for any study of body movements, the speed is not too large (much less than that of light). The classical expression of the following kinetic energy remains valid for the low speeds:

Ec = 1/2mv2.

The Modern Einstein (XIXth and XXth centuries):

 In Particle Physics in the field of high-energy, results of the Classical (newtonian) Mechanics are deficient. Accelerator Experience shows that the particle cannot be accelerated in any particles greater than those of the light transmission. The fundamental relation of Classical Dynamics is false while particle velocities are approaching that of light in vacuum. The Reformulated fundamental relationship in lieu is that of Einstein. This relationship that made him famous is:

E = mc2.

The Postmodern N’Goran (XXIst century):

 ”’Add the fifth part’: “With his name (…) associated with the Theory of Relativity, is the following indication given by the code. Apparently, the answer sought by Einstein will not be found in our Three Spatial Dimensions, nor in his Fourth Dimension of Time, but in a Fifth Dimension which specialists of Quantum Physics now admit that it exists“; “Most Ancient religious texts, notes Rips, also report that there is a Fifth Dimension. They call it ’the measurement of Good and Evil measurement“, p. 53-54, M. Drosnin, The Bible Code, published by Robert Laffont, New York, 1997.

“(…) They both told me separately that most Physicists now admit that there is a Fifth Dimension, but none of them can define“; “(…) The Book of Creation says that we exist in a world of Five Dimensions: Three Dimensions of Space, which is the Fourth is Time and the Fifth which is spiritual. (…) The Modern Science confirms the first Fours, but no definition for the Fifth“; “(…) Rips (…) notes that each dimension is defined by a measurement system (…)”, p. 223-24, M. Drosnin , The Bible Code, published by Robert Laffont , New York, 199 .

The article of N’GORAN

Let’s consider two systems:

-one, from the side of Space-Time (volume, mass, body, corpuscle, particle);

-the other, from the spiritual side (Transcendent, heavy-light, angelic, spirit,etc.).
                               Let’s postulate that the two systems whose content is subject to a judgment (ethical, moral, Good, Evil) and that of the other one whose one is not at all, they both meet in a system, called the contact-point system: human being.

Let’s say that human being is both:

-mass, volume, space, space-time, body, corpuscle, particle,


-mind, soul, feeling, consciousness, spirit trapped in a body.

The paradox of N’Goran:

It is only when mankind is in contact with the Transcendent that:

his thought can leave his body at a rate > than the light;

his soul can move in an euphoric movement and shedding tears onto the body (eyes) in contradiction with that moment of joy, tears of joy or even rejoicing in pain;

his spirit may, in a more record time than the light, be up in the Throne of the Creator located within kilometers untold by human reason and return instantaneously in his body without lasting many light-years. Accelerations of human particles, of solid human whole body, of spirit and/or soul of mankind at a speed > than light, are possible in the Fifth Dimension, namely in the SpiriTempuSpatial one.

We’ll see two cases of SpiriTempuSpace from the Bible:

I know a man in Christ who (…) was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know—God knows. And I know that this man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows—  was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell“, 2 Cor. 12:2-4.

In other words, God is Omnipresent, when we pray Him, He is right beside us to hear us.

                   However, His Throne and His Archangels, namely, His main Angels who are near the Throne, are immeasurable distances from us. If you are in the Space-time Dimension of Einstein in which the greatest speed is the speed of light (300000 km/s), Angels such as the Archangels Gabriel and Michael would take light-years to reach us.

            Indeed, the Physical Universe known to this day has a diameter of 40 billions light-years. If we took the center of this Universe, by principle of Theocentricism, as the Throne of God, it would have a radius of 20 billions light-years. This means that His Archangels will need about 20 billions light-years travel time to reach us.

   However, the Dimension in which, move the SpiriTempuSpatial angels, spiritual beings certainly sent by God as messengers who bring within a period of time and space travel to reach us and to communicate His Wills, makes them act differently than the above.

       Here is a practical example in which the prayers of Daniel have been heard by God, the Infinite and Omnipresent One; He Himself will order one of His Main Angels near the Throne of Judgment to come quickly and meet Daniel. Daniel had not yet finalized his prayers he started which were heard by the Lord that the response of fulfillment came through the Archangel Gabriel in SpiriTempuSpatial way flying faster than the speed of light in the vacuum of Einstein. It would have been this light in a Spatiotemporal Dimension of Einstein it spends billions of years to fulfill this flash mission. We mean that if Gabriel had come to the same speed of Space-time like the speed of light, he would take on average 20 billions light-years to get to Daniel.

So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.

 I prayed to the Lord my God and confessed: (…) we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our ancestors, and to all the people of the land.(…)

While I was speaking and praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and making my request to the Lord my God for his holy hill— while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice. He instructed me and said to me, “Daniel, I have (…)”, Dan. 9:3-22.

Let’s take the assumption of the latest discovery among those already registered:

     Upon creation, the first man knew the Earth with its visible satellite Moon, Sun and countless Stars twinkling in the Sky. Then, he discovered that around the Sun, some Planets revolve that most of which are terrestrial (others are composed of ice, gas, metals of all kinds). This is came the expression solar system, comprised of the central Sun, surrounded by planets. At the time, the narrowness of the human mind still due to the lack of telescopes used to observe the sky, led Aristarchus to his Physics theory based on the appearance which placed the Sun at the center of the universe (Heliocentric). Later, with the advent of Giant Telescopes, Sky has been scrutinized in all its depth and the following discoveries were recorded by Science: Astronomy and Astronautics:

Sun, ours, is a star like other stars seen in the Sky and is surrounded by planets and the whole is appointed, solar system;

-several systems having a central star and similar to our solar system form what is called a galaxy;

-more Galaxies similar to ours (our galaxy is called the Milky Way) together form the universe.

our universe had over than 10 billions of galaxies similar to our Milky Way in the last century .

Recent Discovery

What happened in the past ten or more years – or 15 years is that we believe now – when I say we , I mean most Theoretical Physicists – now believe that our universe is just one among many other universes, all very different physical properties“, Alan Lightman, physicist Theory, The Accidental Universe (his book).
They (Astronomers) were surprised to discover that the universe [ours] is five times larger than what we previously believed. They now know that the known universe [ours] contains more than 50 billions of galaxies and each includes more than 200 millions of stars“, Dr. Grant Jeffrey, The Signature of God, p. 128 Ed Multilingual Vida Ministries, QC, Canada, 2001 .

Our physical universe is known to us so far has a diameter of 40 billion light-years; and we now recognize as the Theoretical Physicists, that we no longer have to deal with a small universe of 20 billion light-years in radius and 40 billion light-years in diameter say, but rather to a New Universe that is made of different universes, of 20.10x billion light-years in Radius and 40.10x billion light-years in diameter. As our findings allow us to gradually give numerical values ​​to the unknown x, we will exponentially see billions of billions of kilometers in record time by the angels to bring to our understanding of Divine Messages if we take the New Universe’s centre as the Divine Throne.  We all know that these assumptions adopted from the Physical Universe are nothing before the Unlimited and Infinity of God in a SpiriTempuSpatial Dimension. Whenever Physicists will tell you about multidimensionality, it is always something that is presented in the physical universe. All this takes place in the Fourth Dimensions of Einstein, not more than that.

Speed ​​of Thought, a superluminal speed

A superluminal velocity (supraluminique in French) refers to a speed greater than the speed of light.

XIXth century

The myograph of Helmholtz used to calculate the speed of nerve impulses.

At the end of 1849, Helmholtz found to traverse a length of 43 mm nerve, nerve impulses spends 0.00175 seconds, which equates to a speed of 26 meters per second.

January 15, 1850 Helmholtz sends its results on the speed of propagation of nerve impulses to his friend Du Bois-Reymond for transmission to the Berlin Medical Society, suggesting that his discovery become a research priority. He also sends the Professor of Anatomy and Physiology Johannes Müller…

 XXth century (1998)

“Understanding the meaning of an object on an image takes 500 to 750 milliseconds, found Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (Maryland) by placing electrodes on the brain of a patient. Neurologists, under the direction of Prof. John Hart, have succeeded in determining the need for 250 to 300 milliseconds, or one quarter of a second, to begin to understand what the object represented. 250 to 450 additional milliseconds are required for the person to completely define what the purpose is. “The results are further evidence that the information gradually accumulates in the brain, and not once, or not at all,” writes Prof. Hart, in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (…)”. (Source: http://www.rtflash.fr/vitesse-pensee-ete-mesuree/article)


Speed ​​acceleration of the spirit or spiritual particle

A spirit without a body as Archangels, angels, fallen angels (demons) move at the speed of their thinking.

Indeed, there are two characteristics of thought, namely, thought to be a hare and thought seen as a turtle.

          Thought-hare is the characteristic of the thought that approximates the main feature of the hare speed. Thought, taken in its greater speed as the hare has more than other animals, is faster than light in einsteinian sense. The speed of thought described above is in this sense, strictly greater than that of light spoken of the Fourth Dimension. It is thought used in Mathematics in the context of rapid calculations for an individual whose brain performs complex operations in a record than other time. Thus, we had managed to establish a scale of probabilities, called Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The more you are faster; greater your Intelligence Quotient is than that of others. And general knowledge contest for “budding geniuses” when your brain thinks as soon as possible to give the result to the question before the other, you get the trophy.

          Thought-turtle is in its turn feature the thought that approximates the main feature of the turtle, its slowness. In this case, it is the other use made of thought when it submits a delicate problem: for example, a matter of life or death in which we cannot repeat the scene as in a play. This time, the thought is to operate seriously slow and avoid making a mistake that will be detrimental to the person concerned. The speed of thought only in this case does not need to do safari or rally to beat the best record in being faster than light in a Four-dimensional framework.

I used to say to those who speak of the salvation of the soul as the separation of the body from the spirit, the soul, the result of the intersection, no longer to exist, it will therefore not saved, but rather our spirit will go back to the Great Spirit where he came who will appear before the White Throne of God for issues of eternal salvation or perdition. As proof, Satan, a spirit without a body that could give by intersection with his spirit a living soul like ours, unfortunately has no soul and is without feelings. The Last Judgment, Satan will be judged as a spirit and not a soul. If there is something that will be saved or lost of him, it cannot be because he has never got a body, it is not his soul since the spirit cannot make an intersection with the spirit to give birth to a living soul.

  The spirits without bodies can enter bodies to possess them for just sometimes, but not forever. They move at the velocity of their thoughts. As soon as they think they are in Washington DC or St. Petersburg, they are automatically.


Those to whom God gives a mandate to execute and come back to report, does not have problems of billions of light-years lost on the way that will make the mission last; in a fraction of a second, as soon as they think Earth, they are automatically on it with their glory, the aura that surrounds them.

 If they leave the Throne of God at the same time as the light of the possible nearest star, it will spend billions of light-years before reaching us. Missions undertaken by the Archangel Gabriel from the time of Daniel or Jesus (about 2014 years), would still be expected of human beings for many light-years again if it is on the speed of light that the execution was to be done.

  As our human spirit is trapped in the body until death, that is to say, until the separation of the dust of the earth with the spirit that came from up there, we cannot move like angels. But, if I have a private courtyard in Paris, I can while staying in Abidjan, be thinking where is my handset placed on the right of my bed drawer and automatically I am there in spirit . We are spirits living in a body. The only difference between angels and us is body and soul. God will judge what we have in common: our spirits.



To be continued…