Caring for God’s Things

Developed in Africa, ‘Caring for God’s Things’ is a 10 week study course that can be used in small group training programmes such as Theological Education by Extension. The course is divided in the following weekly chapters:

WEEK 1 – We are God’s stewards in his world

WEEK 2 – We are God’s stewards of our bodies

WEEK3 – We are stewards of many things

WEEK 4 – We are stewards of time

WEEK 5 – We are stewards of money and riches

WEEK 6 – Giving in the life of God’s steward

WEEK 7 – God’s steward is a generous giver

WEEK 8 – God’s stewards gives the tithe

WEEK 9 – God’s wise steward receives God’s blessing

WEEK 10 – God rewards His good and faithful stewards


TEE Korea is using this study as one of their courses. For more information on ‘Caring for God’s Things’ and how to use it in your context contact Rev Stephen Cho at [email protected].