Many discret pagans have never found fittable to expose themselves, I mean their private lives to the public through the Social Networks (face,twitter,and so on).

Many Servants of God of great fame, but humble too, are hiding their private lives avoiding to comment any worldly debates. Some of them, even upon their own website, their direct and personal or private email address cannot be found so that one could to write to them. You’re sometimes obliged to write on the [email protected] of their Evangelical Institutions or Churches. And if they don’t find their immediate interest in such a message, it’s not obvious that you receive from them the expected response. They will no longer show themselves. 

Today, this old time is past with the arrival of Christian Social Networks. We’re not copying the pagans, but they’re real opportunities to both for those who are well-educated in Christ knowledge and the ignorant Christians, the richest ones in Christ Business and the pauperest Christians so they may feed, edify each other in a very Heavenly Fellowship.

Thus, we right now do not mind to chat upon a Christian Social Network for in Christ we have no private life. We can now have very franck or sincere chat with a breathren without having a shame to not only talk about our Lord Jesus, but more to talk about Christians’ Social Security Issues (supporting those who are the economically and socially the weakest ones). ;;  are some of them. Let’s meet and chat about our common christian lives upon them and help Christians solve their dayly problems without being hung up