Fulfilled Prophecies Verify Biblical Truth

Consider this challenging statement—One can oppose and even disbelieve the truth of the Bible, but one cannot disprove any measurable fact mentioned in the Bible. Some biblical truths, like salvation, are accepted by faith. Other biblical truths, such as fulfilled prophecies, are a matter of facts.

Fulfilled prophecy is a divine work and accentuates the eventual and complete recognition, throughout the world, of Jesus as Savior, Lord of Lords, Christ (Messiah), and King of kings.

An observation often overlooked is that of all the writings related to different religions, only the Bible gives specific prophecies. When faced with fulfilled prophecies and the historical reality of the Lord Jesus Christ, any person is bucking the odds—mathematically and spiritually speaking – to trust any Person besides Jesus or believe any teaching besides the Bible for truth that is applicable to this life and the life to come.