Discipleship Must be Based Solely on the Bible

Most believers in Christ would agree, at least in theory, that Christ-honoring discipleship is based solely on the Bible. In practice, however, it is another matter. Surprisingly, true believers who trust the Bible completely regarding eternal salvation do not always trust the Bible’s sufficiency to deal with challenges of everyday life. Yet, if the Bible is not adequate or applicable to address all of life’s situations, where are answers to be found? The only alternative is worldly
wisdom, which is folly with God (1 Corinthians 3:19-20). When any aspect of worldly wisdom is used in place of or equal to God’s Word, one must assume that this extra “authority” produces a better outcome than using only the Bible. Any excuses or assumptions used to augment God’s Word with worldly wisdom are without merit. Scripture is completely sufficient to deal with every aspect of life and relationships apart from worldly wisdom. Before considering any other supposed authority outside of the Bible, take time to review the many characteristics of God’s Word that demonstrate its power and sufficiency to deal with all matters of life and conduct.