Church Brochure – Meet The Need

Find out how you can mobilize your members to do far more to serve both inside and
outside of your church.  Churches have always struggled to process, filter, and communicate (to its members) the vast array of needs of ministries, families, events and international missions.  In this modern age where social networking and online shopping connect so efficiently, needs are still being communicated and tracked via pen, paper, phone calls and emails.  But now through Meet The Need your members will be able to see and search on your web site for live opportunities to serve in ways that fit their skills and interests.  And your church will be in complete control – dictating what needs show up on your web site AND seeing where every member and team within your church has served.  Meet The Need looks exactly like your web site so your members and the community won’t see Meet The Need’s heart for serving others – they’ll see yours.  And despite their significant investment in developing all this, Meet The Need is a donation-funded 501c3 so there are no required fees for using Meet The Need.