Jamaica Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel – A Brief Overview

Greetings!  I’m the Lausanne Senior Associate for Creation Care and the coordinator of the Jamaica Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel, occuring 29 October to 3 November, 2012.

This meeting will kick off a series of Lausanne Consultations on various topics that are touched on in the Cape Town Commitment.  About 50 leaders from around the world have been invited to consult together for a week on the subject of creation care, an issue that is given great importance in the Commitment:

If Jesus is Lord of all the earth, we cannot separate our relationship to Christ from how we act in relation to the earth. For to proclaim the gospel that says ‘Jesus is Lord’ is to proclaim the gospel that includes the earth, since Christ’s Lordship is over all creation. Creation care is a thus a gospel issue within the Lordship of Christ. (CTC I,7,a)

The Consultation’s goals can be viewed on the Consultation website here; abstracts of the theme papers (main talks) and interest group presentations can be viewed here for advance reading and discussion.

Even if you were not able to be part of this meeting, we would love to have you participate by reading and commenting on these abstracts as they are posted.  Your input will be used by the authors both before the consultation and after to refine their arguments and to consider, perhaps, additional implications to what they are saying.

Thank you for joing us and for praying with us that God will bless this meeting and the long-term efforts that will come out of it!

Ed Brown, Senior Associate for Creation Care