Enabling Participation

Just posting a link to a recent Grove Booklet in the youth seriese that I have written and has been published.  It is called Enabling Participation, I have pasted a short synopsis below and hope it might prove useful in your ministries.

Our God is a God who invites us to participate in the work of his kingdom –all the evidence shows that participation is vital in allowing young people to own and grow in faith. This practical booklet looks at the issues involved, how to judge the appropriate level of participation for young people, and the practical steps to take so that participation is a natural and integral part of all youth work. ‘Enabling Participation’ has been published as part of the Grove Series of booklets and can be bought for £3.95 from Bath YFC office ( [email protected]) or direct from www.grovebooks.co.uk or email [email protected] or call 01223 464748.